When Color Matters --Tivoli is the choice. 

Uniquely focused on ‘the right light’ – color temperature and output for low ambient cove and niche applications.

Most other commercial manufacturers in the US are focused on higher output LED illumination. Tivoli is focused on low wattage, highly energy efficient, linear LED systems for accent cove and niche lighting applications. We specialize in small source applications that create the sparkle to delineate a project.

Using our expertise with color mixing LEDs, we have created incandescent color equivalents and even improvements to incandescent.

As the market leader in emerging LED linear lighting, we offer a complete line of architectural, signage and auditorium linear LED based lighting systems.  Our products are flexible, adaptable energy-saving LED-based linear lighting products for broad architectural / commercial applications, both indoor and out. Tivoli's architecturally significant designs have been providing visible delineation or concealed illumination effects for over forty-five years.

Lighting is our business, color is our concern.

  Follow Us on Facebook!Follow us on Facebook                                                         Tivoli products are Made In U.S.A.  The Tivoli line of architectural LED lighting solutions are designed, engineered 
and manufactured in the U.S.