For a complete listing of Tivoli products by  application, visit the Product Selection Guide below to view a high level comparison of each product.



Continulum Continulum Indoor 

High power LED fixture emits sharp, pure color for unique effects in cove and architectural applications.

Continulum Outdoor

Outdoor rated high output linear LEDs with integral continuous lens in static or RGB options for building detail delineation and programmable animations.


LED back-lit panel illumination strips used to create architectural illumination walls with acrylic and glass backlighting.

Litesphere LED Litesphere™ LED  

Energy- efficient, LED strand lighting for surface mounted or suspended applications.

Tivotape Indoor Static Tapelight TivoTape™ Indoor SB 3.0  

Tivotape Standard Brightness 3.0. Delivers up to 193 Lumens per foot with high power SMD LEDS that have a 40,000 hour life.

  TivoTape™ Indoor HO XS    Tivotape High Output XS Series. Extremely tight LED spacing (21/64" OC) delivering up to 251 Lumens per foot with high power SMD LEDS that have a 60,000 hour life.
Tivotape-HO TivoTape™ Indoor HO 4.4    Tivotape High Output 4.4. The highest output with up to 322Lm/ft. Tivotape HO offers up to 6' throw of light.
Tivotape Outdoor Static Tapelight TivoTape™ Outdoor SB 3.0  

IP65 Outdoor rated energy-efficient 24VDC tape light with a 50,000 hour life.

Tivotape Indoor RGB Tapelight TivoTape™ HO RGB Indoor  

For dramatic color changing effects, this multipurpose, small profile strand lighting is discreet, field cuttable, and delivers a DMX controllable High Power RGB illumination.

Tivotape Outdoor RGB Tapelight TivoTape™ HO RGB Outdoor  

Flexible LED strand lighting High Output RGB manufactured in 1.6 foot segments for even illumination.

Architectural Channel LS Series Architectural Channel LS Series  

The Architectural Channel Series is an ideal solution for amusement parks, casinos, bridges, boats or street decor. A  lightweight, aluminum alloy channel for Tivoli's LITESPHERE low voltage Xenon or LED bulbs and medium based bulbs.

Architectural Channel MB Series Architectural Channel MB Series  
Architectural Channel MR Series Architectural Channel MR Series  
Architectural Channel WB Series Architectural Channel WB Series  
Tivolites LED Tivolite® LED Bulbs   Long life LEDs - up to 50K hours. Available in Cool White, Pure White and Warm White.
Flexlum™   Modular linear LED system for flexible or straight applications where continuous illumination is desired.
Twilights LED  Twilights LED™    Discontinued