Over 50 Years of Innovation and Linear Lighting Leadership.

About Us

With over 50 years of innovation and experience, Tivoli Lighting continues to lead the linear lighting industry.  As LED technology advances, our award-winning architectural and theater LED-based products continue to improve in appearance, quality, performance and energy saving advantages.  Our loyal team of 60+ employees continues to strive to incorporate innovation, color quality, and longevity of life into every product we manufacture and engineer.




Our Mission and Culture


"To provide the world with the right amount of light in the right places. We want to transform how light illumination is created to the delight of our customers while providing the highest level of customer service in the industry."


The Tivoli culture code includes the following ten points:


• We are as maniacal about our specifications as with our mission

•  We obsess over our customer’s needs, not the competition

• We strive to be completely transparent

• We give ourselves the self-empowerment to be awesome in what we do.

• We are completely selective about our peers.

• We invest in individual mastery and market value.

• We defy conventional “wisdom” as it’s often unwise.

• We speak the truth and face the facts.

• We believe in work+life, not work vs. life.

• We see ourselves as a continuous work in progress.




Why Tivoli




Tivoli Lighting has over 50 years of innovation and leadership in the manufacturing of low voltage linear lighting for architectural, and both theater delineating and theatrical verticals.  If the product doesn’t say Tivoli on it, more than likely it is a copy or imitation.


None of the imitators match the quality of our products and the experience of Tivoli. Trust in Tivoli and the Brand that surpasses all others.

Oscar Wilde once quoted “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”


Many of the standard products used by most major national branded theaters today are Tivoli.


Some of our innovations include but are not limited to:


• LED Step Light,

• Usher LED Wall lighting,

• The Beacon LED Seat Light, and

• Two-tone Bull nose


Solid Foundation


Tivoli’s dedication and long term interest in the movie theater industry is backed with experience and the financial strength of its ownership by two well-known multi million dollar lighting manufacturers.


During the last two decades, Tivoli has maintained market share in the movie theater industry and has grown sales in the commercial lighting market.


Product Selection


With centuries of combined experience, Tivoli’s knowledgeable sales team have prepared countless design guides, and step by step quoting processes  that make ordering Tivoli products convenient.


Project Quotations and Orders


Our inside sales staff provides accurate quotations, quickly, with all the required supportive documents, while utilizing new state-of-the-art electronic quoting systems.


Customer Service


Our dedicated customer service team is available for pre and post-sale support such as technical questions, commissioning, order status, and scheduling take-offs from your project blue prints.


Tivoli support has never been so strong and modern as it is today. You can submit questions, product support inquiries, and warranty support requests online at:  http://www.tivolilighting.com/contact-us.html


Click support in the lower right hand corner and submit your question or request and you will be assigned a support ticket by email for easy follow up.





Our History


Over 55 years ago, while on vacation in Europe, our founder Mr. Ben George, visited the famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. His inspiration for Tivoli came from the evening lights of the Gardens and how the delicate illumination enhanced the landscape and created a festive surrounding environment. Today's Tivoli Gardens bears the work of some of Denmark's most celebrated architects and has been identified as a "21st century Design Destination."


Upon Mr. George's return from his first visit to Tivoli Gardens, he began testing some ideas using an excess supply of automotive miniature incandescent lamps he had been selling. He came up with the idea of using them inside of plastic tubes to create decorative light strings. The Tivoli Tube was born. As history goes, Tivoli tubing has since been incorporated into building facades, interior detail accents, floors, aisle and steps for entertainment and architectural lighting.


Like the inspirational Tivoli Gardens, Tivoli Lighting products have continued to evolve with the changing needs of the market. As the first to introduce indicator type LEDs into tubing, aisle and step lighting products, Tivoli continues to lead the market in emerging LED linear lighting. As LED technology advances, so do Tivoli products.


The Tivoli brand has often been copied and in fact, ‘Tivoli type’ lighting is often referenced as an industry term. There is no substitute for original Tivoli products. Tivoli has always incorporated quality manufacturing and materials into their products which are made to withstand extreme environments and are UL and  cUL listed.







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