Over 50 Years of Innovation and Linear Lighting Leadership.

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Over 50 Years of Innovation and Linear Lighting Leadership.


The First Indirect Wall Safety Lighting System

90 Degree Inside & Outside Brackets

90 Inside and Outside brackets allow the Eclipse System to tightly wrap around walls and tuck into corners, providing a seamless aesthetic.


Engineered to reduce materials and labor costs, saving both time and money.

30 Degree Up & Down Brackets

The angle tolerance is +/- 20 degrees. The two bases can be at an angle from 10 - 50 degrees without interfering with each other, 30 degree being the center.
Continuous Joiners

Specified custom lengths are achived by using Joiners to produce straight continuous runs.
Available Lengths

Standard factory 4' and 8' available lengths that are field cuttable between modules.
End Caps

Left and Right End Caps available to complete runs.
No Miter Cuts

All Joiner and Brackets provide a clean look while reducing install time by eliminating the need for miter cuts.


Titanium PCB

At its core of Eclipse wall system is the highly refined and reliable Titanium LED strand system providing unmatched quality of light and consistent color. Available in 19K, 27K, 30K, 35K, 40K, Amber, Red, and Blue in the latest high quality NICHIA LEDs.
Light Baffle

Eclipse offers an exclusive proprietary light baffle engineered to eliminate glare and provide access to the individual titanium LED modules for ease of service. Designed specifically for reclining theater seating and longer landings.
Indirect Light Source

Our proprietary reflector design provides even and glare free indirect lighting of interior theater and auditorium walkways. (Patent Pending)

Available Kelvin Temperatures:









Light Engine

Our unique reflector with indirect lighting, insures your patrons best viewing experience.

Engineered to Meet Code

Balancing patron safety while delivering the best possible venue experience, is why Eclipse is unique.

Life Safety Code

Eclipse meets Life Safety Code by producing .2 foot candles across an entire 4' landing. Requiring only (1) sided illumination, thus reducing materials and labor cost.
ADA Compliant

The industries thinest profile protruding only 1 1/4"
Reduced Scalloping

LEDs are spaced 6" O.C. and indirectly reflected, providing smooth light distrabution and greatly reduced scalloping.
Emergency Egress Illumination

Dashed soft naturally "Non-Glaring" emergency egress illumination leads patrons to the isles should emergency egress be required.

Understanding the IESNA methods of testing light levels to meet mandatory Life Safety Code and Standards.

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Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

The IES is credited with over 100 publications on the subject of lighting such as The Lighting Handbook: 10th Edition,[3] the recognized authoritative reference on the science and application of lighting. Other publications, many of which are ANSI standards, include recommended practices for a variety of specific lighting applications such as office, sports, and outdoor lighting, and lighting for healthcare facilities. All IES publications are developed through consensus committee work. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) references several IES publications for Optical Radiation Calibrations.[4] The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) makes several references to the IES and its publications in its Outdoor Lighting Code Handbook. Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminating_Engineering_Society_of_North_America







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