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Extrusion that creates a line of light in wall and ceiling surfaces with no aluminum parts showing.


Mounting & Accessories

Can be fixed in slots made in previously fitted drywall using mounting adhesive. Before you fix the profile in drywall, you should take care to lead the power cables out. They can be led in the profile by cutting a hole in the aluminum or end cap. After the glue dries, cover aluminum collars thinly with a suitable adhesive, put the drywall mesh on, fill all and when dry, polish it in such a way that it does not affect the base edge of the profile. Finally, apply paint over the base edge of the extrusion. Make sure to cover the profile while performing the above work. When you have finished, remove the working cover, mount the LEDs, solder the power wires, and finally, put on a clean cover.



Designed for mounting in drywall.



Available Lens: Clear/Frosted UV resistant lens or Non UV economy lens


Lengths Sold In: 6.5'

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