Covelum™ LED Outdoor

Covelum LED Outdoor   

Recommended Use:

  • Wet listed fixture for outdoor cove and pocket illumination
  • Straight run applications in standard fixture lengths

Suggested Applications:




  • Low maintenance, energy efficient lighting for exterior wet location applications 
  • Standard fixtures complete with lens, LEDs and outdoor plug and play connections set back from fixture end for smooth illumination without shadowing or scalloping between fixtures
  • 2.5" O.C. LED spacing with end-to-end fixture mounting in 1',2',4',6' and 8' standard lengths
  • LED modules available in Delux Warm White (2600°K), Warm White (2800°K),Warm White (3000°K),Warm White (3200°K),Cool White (5000°K), and Colors (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)
  • Linear lens offered in clear or frosted 
  • Swivel mounting feet mounted at fixture base every 12"
  • LED life: Rated to LM80 standards
  • Smooth full range dimming capability with commercially available analog dimmers for magnetic low voltage transformers
  • IP65 rated, ETL wet listed for outdoor use above 3ft from floor for Class I or II applications 

 Santa Monica Place - Santa Monica , CA

Project: Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA


Photographer: Henri Khodavardi Photography


Architect: The Jerde Partnership, Inc.


Design: Gensler

Product: Covelum LED Outdoor


Color: Warm White


Application: Cove

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Tivoli Covelum LED Outdoor 



  • Linear lens included in channel mounted
  • use in both low and high ambient light conditions
  • uses 0.75W, 12VDC LED modules in a fuse-style envelope
  • Aluminum mounting channel for linear lighting or mounting
  • IP65 Rated, CETLUS Listed for outdoor use above 3ft from ground level for Class I or II applications




  • LED life: Rated to LM80 standards
    – 30,000 hour life span
  • Full range dimming available 
  • Up to 239 Lumens/ft. @ 2.5” O.C. (using Cool White 5000°K modules)
  • Up to 63 CRI per module (using Cool White 5000°K modules)
  • High Efficacy: 66 Lumens/Watt
  • 12V DC Class I or II Power Supply Required
  • Swivel foot mounting feet mounted at fixture base every 12"
  • Max run length - Continuous 45' (144 PCB's) per 15A circuit




  Tivoli Covelum Outdoor Design Guide 



beam spread



Covelum 120 Designer Model
5.6W/Ft  411Lm/Ft
Designer: 120°
 Swivel Feet  For both low and high ambient light interior applications

Covelum LED Designer Series Whites

Designer Model
Up to 440Lm/Ft

Designer: 120°

Aluminum mounting channel or clamps

Critical white color applications within +/- 50°K, recommended for illumination within 6” of source and for white backgrounds.

Covelum LED Designers Series Colors

Up to 273Lm/Ft


Aluminum mounting channel or clips

For color specific applications to create precise colors correlated to the Pantone color chart.

Covelum LED Outdoor

Up to 239Lm/Ft


Aluminum mounting channel or clips

Covelum LED Outdoor Standard whites –Wet listed fixture for outdoor applications in standard fixture lengths (not field cuttable) for straight run applications.

Platinum Cove LED

Triple Chip

Up to 167.9Lm/Ft

180° Triple Chip

Mounting channel, angled or vertical mounting clamps

For directional throw of light applications, walkways and bridges. Indirect light glow effect for outdoor coves, niches, small reliefs, step applications for even illumination within 3" of light source. Economical alternative than the Covelum LED system with up to 40% less output.