Platinum Cove LED

Platinum Cove LED   

Recommended Use:

  • Smallest profile and most economical cove solution with reduced output (40% less than Covelum Standard Model Series)
  • Compact, niche applications for budget conscience projects - darker relief, accent glow of light, flexible for serpentine curves
  • Flexible, low profile, replaceable LED system for recessed or cove applications

Suggested Applications:




  • Multiple mounting variations for specific application illumination
  • Easy to install and is field cutable which bends easily to fit concave and convex curves without special hardware allowing for 90° corner bends without additional connectors.
  • LED modules available in Delux Warm White 2800°K, Warm White 3200°K, Cool White 5500°K, Yellow, Red, Green and Blue
  • Replaceable LED PCB’s make maintenance easy and economical
  • Platinum channel with protective lens cover mounts 45° for downward illumination (closets, bed rails, tow kick, etc)
  • Title 24 compliant
  • One, two or three LED PCBs available (Piranha or Ultra Bright triple chip)
  • ETL listed for indoor class I or II applications. Damp listed when using Infinity Channel

 Mandarin Hotel, Las Vegas, NV  

Project: Mandarin Hotel, Las Vegas, NV


Lighting Designer:  Ron Harwood


Photographer:  Rick Fowler


Product: Platinum Cove LED


Color: Warm White


Application: Cove

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* Click here to view a comprehensive DESIGN GUIDE.



Tivoli Platinum Cove Display Case
Tivoli Platinum Cove Toe Kick
 Tivoli Platinum Cove Under Counter
 Tivoli Platinum Cove Design Guide



beam spread



Covelum 120 Designer Model
5.6W/Ft  411Lm/Ft
Designer: 120°
 Swivel Feet  For both low and high ambient light interior applications

Covelum LED Designer Series Whites

Designer Model
Up to 440Lm/Ft

Designer: 120°

Aluminum mounting channel or clamps

Critical white color applications within +/- 50°K, recommended for illumination within 6” of source and for white backgrounds.

Covelum LED Designers Series Colors

Up to 273Lm/Ft


Aluminum mounting channel or clips

For color specific applications to create precise colors correlated to the Pantone color chart.

Covelum LED Outdoor

Up to 239Lm/Ft


Aluminum mounting channel or clips

Covelum LED Outdoor Standard whites –Wet listed fixture for outdoor applications in standard fixture lengths (not field cuttable) for straight run applications.

Platinum Cove LED

Triple Chip

Up to 167.9Lm/Ft

180° Triple Chip

Mounting channel, angled or vertical mounting clamps

For directional throw of light applications, walkways and bridges. Indirect light glow effect for outdoor coves, niches, small reliefs, step applications for even illumination within 3" of light source. Economical alternative than the Covelum LED system with up to 40% less output.

For a complete listing of product accessories, please refer to the product spec sheet. Below is a general sampling of accessories available.