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Another industry first by Tivoli.

LED Package

High CRI is an industry standard request for flexible tape in todays market. ELITE TivoTape™ offers a High Color Rendering Index, making colors standout with up to 97 CRI. Tight LED spacing of the 2835 diodes produce zero scalloping within our narrowest depth profile and a binning tolerance of 1.5 MacAdam Ellipse keeps consistent color throughout your project giving you expected results in quality lighting.
4oz. Copper Trace

ELITE TivoTape’s™ 4oz. Copper trace allows for unparalleled thermal and electronic management that equals longer runs with virtually no lumen drop. Traditional tapes utilize 2-3oz. traces which prove to reduce voltage over distance thus reducing maximum run lengths. When voltage drops so do lumens toward the end of each maximum electronic run length. In some popular design elements this can result in gradations of intensity in the desired effect. ELITE TivoTape™ has solved this issue with another industry first by Tivoli. Additionally 4oz. traces provide greater durability and thermal management which can increase the overall systems life time.
3M VHB Adhesive

3M VHB adhesive bonds ELITE TivoTape to a large variety of surfaces for your project needs. Easily apply to available extrusions or smooth surface for an even illumination with no bends or rises from poor adhesive performance.
eXho Sheild

eXo Shield’s ultra-thin coat seals the electronic component and circuitry with an IP54 standard resulting in no color shift, while remaining clear and flexible. eXo Shield protects from nominal moisture and dust, letting LEDs run cooler, thus living longer.

Available Wattage

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